Via Monte, 7
Pietrelcina, Benevento
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The Ranch

The Ranch

A completely rebuilt 19th century stone farmhouse, immersed in the countryside of Pietrelcina in the middle of South Italy.

In the ranch, among the olive trees and the vegetable garden with the swimming pool, you will find colors, sounds, smells, sensations of other times, with all the comforts of modernity.

From the top of the hill it almost seems to touch the whole of Pietrelcina, which offers itself to the view of the guests as a precious nativity scene on which it is possible to imagine the path that a young Padre Pio made on the Via del Rosario up to Piana Romana from where looking at the Tammaro valley contemplated the infinite.

Come and visit us in this oasis of tranquility!


Le Pietre di Luciano Amodio

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Via Monte, 7

82020 - Pietrelcina, Benevento, Italia