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Between Calore, Ufita and Miscano rivers, Apice Vecchio is the Italy's most fascinating ghost town, abandoned in 1962 after a disastrous earthquake.


It was populated by the Samnitic tribe of the Hirpini. The name of the town seems came from Marco Gavio Apicius, the famous roman chef of the II century BC.

In its histor it was the stage of conflicts and fights.

The town was already devastated by an earthquake in 1702, but after the one that quaked the earth in 1962, the population moved to a hill on the other side of the Calore river, leaving the old town frozen on that last moment.

What to seen

Abandoned Village

Named as the Pompeii of the 1900s, the entire village stopped the clock in 1962.

Nowadays the area has been fenced to prevent vandalization and there are few streets you can walk. But for those who have had the opportunity to enter the fence and explore the buildings, perhaps through a special permit from the local administration, the feeling of being lost in time has always been intense.

Photos and insights (in italian): [ Apice Vecchio] essereAltrove

Castel of Ettore

The decagonal castle of the Norman era host the Civic Museum of Peasant Civilization and numerous other events such as the Christmas Markets.


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