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The birthplace of Padre Pio

Pucinara history

Perched at an altitude of about 340 meters on the Morgia around the Tammaro river, Pietrelcina is 12km from Benevento, ancient capital of the Longobard Duchy and capital of the province.

The origin of the name is uncertain.

The first traces date back to the XII century when a Lombard historian mentions it in his Chronicles of Benevento with the name "Petrapulsino".

The hypotheses that refer the attribute "Pucina" to a Small Stone as opposed to a Majuri Stone whose remains are found in the current territory of San Giorgio La Molara, on the other bank of the Tammaro river, seem to be discarded.

Documents preserved in the civic museum of Palazzo Bozzi attest the diction "Pietra Elcina".

Devastated in 1138 by the Norman Roger II of Sicily.

Almost destroyed by the earthquakes of 1456 and 1688.

Decimated in 1854 by cholera.

Here Francesco Forgione was born in 1887, the future Saint Pio of Pietrelcina.

Awarded in 2002 with the title of city.

The city is twinned with Bethlehem, San Giovanni Rotondo and Wadowice, the birthplace of Pope John Paul II.

Where to Park

On Viale Europa there are the main park slots.
Pulman and Tourist Buses also stop there. Going down Via San Francesco you will arrive on Viale dei Cappuccini where the Convent stands with the Church of the Holy Family and the Museum Memories of Padre Pio.

I really like to park in Largo Giovanni d'Aquino (if there is room). From here you can go down the stairs to reach the main square of the town, or follow the signs for le Case di Padre Pio.

On non-holiday days it is also possible to park directly in the main square by entering from Corso Padre Pio.

The Houses of Padre Pio

From the Mother Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli begins the path to the Houses of Padre Pio which climbs the Morgia in the Castello district up to the Church of Sant'Anna. You will find:

  • The Birthplace where he was born at 5 pm on 25 May 1887
  • The Maternal House where he had his first mystical experiences
  • The Turret: novice residence between 1909 and 1910
  • The House of Brother Michael: residence as a priest between 1912 and 1916

The Morgia Viewpoint

From the viewpoint of the ancient church of Sant'Anna, on top of the Morgia you can admire the Tammaro valley, which enters the Calore before arriving in Benevento.

On the crest of the opposite hill you can see the outline of our ranch.

Places of worship

Here are the places of worship in Pietrelcina in chronological order:

  • Church of Sant'Anna: with the baptismal font of Padre Pio and the relics of San Pio Martire, 10th bishop of Rome
  • Church Santa Maria degli Angeli: containing the statue of the Madonna della Libera, houses the Diocesan Sanctuary of Saint Pio
  • Church of the Holy Family: located in the convent with the relic of St. Padre Pio
  • Cappella di San Francesco: a chapel built around the Elm under which Padre Pio received the Sacred Stigmata in 1910 in Piana Romana
  • Sala Liturgica di Padre Pio Santo: large liturgical hall in front of the chapel

Le Pietre di Luciano Amodio

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