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La Vecchia Cascina

Via Crocelle - Pietrelcina
La Vecchia Cascina

Classic Samnita Trattoria with home made products.

Ideal for families.

The location

In the Pietrelcina countryside towards Piana Romana, the Vecchia Cascina di Paolo and Belinda set its roots in 1838. This old country farm was converted into an Agriturismo in 2005. Today it's up to the very young Cristina and Libera to continue to innovate the traditions.

In the place you will find large indoor and outdoor rooms, a playground for children, and animals farm.

What to eat

From the farm, from the olive trees and the organic gardens most of the products will come directly on your plate with 0 Miles.

Just to give you some clues: the cured meats are massaged, spiced and stuffed hand made and then dried using natural methods.

The antipasto della Cascina is therefore highly recommended.

Among the first courses you will find handmade cavatelli pasta with sausage and seasonal vegetables from the organic garden, or ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach.

The main courses include grilled pork and veal with seasonal side dishes, everything from self production.


Difficult to find it closed!


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