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Defined the Tuscany of the South, the Sannio region is rich in history and ancient villages sleeping on an healthy rural landscape out of time.

The Samnites

They were Osci populations settled around the central Apennines in an area that includes much of Molise, the southern part of Abbruzzo and the north-eastern areas of Campania.

They were among the founders of Pompei.

They were organized into four tribes (or touti):

The Pentri, with capital Boviano (the current Bojano), occupied the central area.

The Caudini, in whose Valle Caudina stands the current Montesarchio on the remains of the ancient Caudium, famous for the defeat inflicted on the Romans at the Caudine Forks.

The Irpini, occupied the southern part, and extended up to Benevento.

A Touto was made up of different Pagus ruled by the Meddix, magistrates invested by the touto and led by the Meddix Tuticus.

The Ver Sacrum

In the legends of the various Samnite tribes, the rite of the Holy Spring (Ver Sacrum in Latin) stands out.

Especially in times of difficulty, such as wars and famines, young people born between March and June were consecrated to the god Mars, and when they reached adulthood, guided by a sacred animal, they left to found a new colony.

The Pentri, were led by an ox who stopped on Mount Samnium, where they founded Boviano, the Irpini were instead led by a wolf (hirpus in Oscan)

This ritual is at the basis of the foundation of various Italic populations in the Iron Age.

Between Sabba and Calore

The Sleeper of Sannio

The line drawn by the peaks of the Taburno mountains resembling the profile of a lying woman.


City of the witches, Sannite, Roman and Longobard, home of nougat and Strega liqueur.

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This small village, now a city, was made famous by Saint Padre Pio from Pietrelcina.

Our Le Pietre estate is located in this countryside.

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Old Apice

The town was abandoned during the earthquakes of 1962 and 1980.

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As for Apice, half of the town has been abandoned.

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The Caudina Valley


It was the old Caudium which dominates with its castle the Valle Caudina from the top of the sTaburno.

Sant'Agata dei Goti

Defined the pearl of the Sannio, its precious historic center stands out against a magnificent landscape. Also famous for its wines and the Mela Annurca


It seems that the defeat of the Caudine Forks that the Samnites inflicted on the Romans took place in this area.

Titerno and Alto Tammaro


Theater of bloody clashes at the time of the Briganti and the unification of Italy.

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Cusano Mutri

This medieval village overlooking the valley in front of the mountain Mutria, is the setting for Festivals and Events.

Cerreto Sannita

In the Titerno valley, a place inhabited since prehistoric times, it is famous for its ceramics to which a museum is also dedicated.

San Lorenzello

Famous as Cerreto for its Ceramics, it is also famous among antiques enthusiasts. The Dinosaur Park is very popular with children.


This small village on the Matese massif was made famous all over the world by the discovery of the only dinosaur in Europe, the little Ciro. The Paleolab is dedicated to the world of dinosaurs.


Famous for the sulphurous water and its Thermal baths.

Guardia Sanframondi

Famous for the rite of penitents which takes place every seven years.


Area full of streams, for a summer bath in nature.


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